Scoliosis Summers

It’s that time of year again. SUMMER ☀️!!! And do you know what that means? Lots of things. Tons of fun, no school, and vacation! But there are just a few downsides if your like me and have scoliosis. (Or kyphosis which I also have but luckily not as bad)

1. If your still wearing a brace, sticky and no tanks will work 😞

2. traveling with back pain

and lastly

3. scoliosis awareness month is JUNE!

Okay first off I’ve had MANY summers with a brace which I’m lucky to have off for my second summer!!! For summer clothes tunics, t-shirts, and fabric shorts are really nice. Also what I like to do is make sure I have a under armor shirt or something of that sort under it and I actually put mine in the fridge sometimes to give a bit of relief on this really hot days!

Second travel I’m putting in the link of a nice guide which has a lot of advice I’d give but written better! (Link:

Lastly June is scoliosis awareness month! Help raise awareness and support your twisted sisters!!!

Help support us!
It’s true


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